WEB CHECK-IN - to aviod line-ups.

You can usually check in 24 hours prior to the time your flight departs, which means you can pick a seat!!

A web/online Check-in will save you time waiting in line for full service check in.

If you check in online prior to getting to the airport, you will usually be directed to a luggage drop off line, or area, some if not most airlines have kiosks where you can now print your bag tags if you are travelling (except usa bound), just be sure to add your correct luggage piece amount when you web check in).

If you don't have any luggage to "check in" or to go under the plane and are traveling with only permitted carry-on luggage, then you can print,email or save to your phone your boarding pass. This boarding pass will get you to security and to your gate without needing to wait in line or be at a counter.

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  1. Bag Drop Chaos at Air Canada YYZ.

    Can anyone tell me? What is the advantage of tagging your own bags if you have to stand in a line to get your luggage scanned anyway? And what an insult that we waited literally 75 minutes in a line, despite having pre-bag tagged our own luggage only to watch the check in line moving faster. With the security ordeal ahead of us, we feared missing our flight.

    Not a representative ANYWHERE to ask, only one super rude counter staffer who basically ensured we will never travel Air Canada again. No signage for guidance. Many pissed off people in the line up as confused as we were. In the end, we decided instead to walk our skis to the oversized, drop them off (unscanned) and carry on our other luggage.

    Is it just Air Canada? What IS the difference between bag drop and check in?????

    Truly a stupid idea. If you're going to have this service, have a real bag drop where you drop your bag as you walk by on route to your gate.

    p.s. our skiis made it to Kelowna on our flight so what is the purpose of scanning?

    ANNOYING INSULT - customer service liaison panel needed for Air Canada.

    p.s. We came 2 hours in advance for a domestic flight so you can't say lack of planning on our part.