At YYZ the GTAA has Kiosk machines that are posted all around the check-in line ups at both Terminals.

Here are the airlines that offer web check in

You can use this machine to check-in and avoid the BIG LINE UP.
Use your reservation code to check in. I find this the most accurate to pull up your travel info. There are about 6 different ways on these kiosks that will allow you to access your ticket to check in and print your boarding pass.

These machines are touch screen and are very very very VERY simple to use. Do not fear them, they are there to make your life easier. There are usually airline attendants cruising by to make sure you haven't run into any problems. USE THE MACHINES.

Also - if you forgot your boarding pass at home, but you did check in and print it up, HOP on one of these machines and reprint. Then head to the luggage drop, if that is what you need to do next is.

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