Airport Mentality: TRY THIS

So being someone who spent a lot of time traveling and being at Airports here is a mentality and some pointers I think could help us all. AIRPORTS are one of the most clearly marked places in the world. Signs, pictures, and images/logos, are everywhere to point you in the right directions error free and beyond any spoken language barrier.

1) Be prepared,  know what you need to do and where to go before you get there.
You can go online and view airport and terminal maps.

2) Be where you have to be, when you have to be there.

3) Focus on you, do not worry about where the person in front of you or behind are going, or what they are doing. They are not on your itinerary.

4) Not everyone in the line up's are traveling. Some are moral support, some are assisting, and some are making sure their friend is going to the right spot.

5) PEOPLE TRAVEL ON PLANES for a few basic reasons.
a) For Business
b) For Fun,Vacation, and to see Family
c) For not good reasons. (deaths, sickness's, emergencies)
d) To Move.
So keep this in mind and be considerate to everyone around you. Do not be rude to people in front of you or behind you, and mind your conversation topics, or irritations.

6) Less talk more Rock. The less complaining one does at a counter, the faster the process will be. The less questions in line or interrupting you do, the faster the line (that you may be or have been complaining about) moves.

7) Staff at the airport are not there for your verbal abuse pleasure. Employees of airports have passed vigorous screening and training and are experts in what they do, sit back and let them do their job to give you a great experience.

8) Don't talk about your last horrible time at an airline, stay positive and your current trip will be positive.

9) Do not put on your STUPID cap when you get to the airport, do not blame anyone other then yourself for not being where you need to be. Show the world you are smart and independent and can find your way around an airport. You don't get lost in a shopping mall do you? I would hope not.

10) A little line I heard about airports that made me laugh was this: "Hurry, Wait, Hurry, now wait, hurry.....and so on." It is True, so accept that and become one with it. hee hee.

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