Before you Depart to the Airport: Day B4 and Day Of

The night/afternoon before you leave, check all weather information, traffic information, and triple check you departure time.

Here is a Standard check list for leaving your home or hotel to head to the airport.

1) Reservation Code: have this written somewhere or print your ETicket

2) Luggage that meets the number of bags and weight restrictions with the airline your traveling on. (every airline is different, and this includes carry-on luggage).

3) Passport, Birth Certificate, Valid photo Id and money/credit card/debit card

4) Terminal number that you are departing from

Have you luggage packed and at the door the night before you leave.

The day of your travel stay in tune with the highway's and any weird accidents or closures of the highways.

Toronto Weather:

Toronto Travel Times:
(this shows current travel time, reg. travel time, and additional minutes it will take to get where you are going)

Toronto Traffic:

Leave yourself plenty of time to get through any line up's, and set backs that may occur.

There are travel guidelines and mandatory times you need to be "checked-in" before you flight.

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